Film Programs


All film programs below are co-curated and all program text is co-written by Fatma Çolakoğlu and Emre Eminoğlu for Pera Film in 2017.

A Place Called Home

Pera Museum is one of the main venues for the 15th Istanbul Biennale “a good neighbor”. As the biennial invites one to think about what a “good neighbor” could really mean, Pera Film’s A Place Called Home program brings together films depicting the intricate relationships and stories that people have with their homes. Not only does the necessity for shelter strike us, but also the humane need for belonging and the fear of losing one’s home. [Click here for more.]

Crime and Punishment: Argentine Tales

Pera Film’s new season kicks off with crime and punishment stories from Argentina. Presented in collaboration with the Consulate General of Argentina, the program Crime and Punishment: Argentine Tales is a selection of staggering real-life and fictional stories of crime and criminals. Focusing on the human psyche’s borders, these narratives explore the personal and social aspects of crime within family and society in general. From political gangs to cold-blooded murders, this crime films marathon program captures humankind’s violent tendencies. [Click here for more.]

In the Twilight of White Nights

Pera Film is inviting you to the longest days and white nights! The summer solstice is approaching and the number of minutes of daylight is rapidly increasing. The program In the Twilight of White Nights, a selection of Nordic summer films, gets its name from the lyrics by Nordic pop-star Oh Land. Come join us and let’s experience the sun of Nordic cinema together! [Click here for more.]

Growing Pains

Growing up is difficult, especially if life has surprises in store for you… Pera Film’s new program Growing Pains features films that remind us of the considerable difficulties involved in evolving from childhood into youth and from youth into adulthood, lending an ear to the cries of children and youth of varying ages from around the world. Pera Film wants to remind you of your inner child with these touching, warm stories. [Click here for more.]

Tales of Tails: Dogs on Screen

Pera Film’s new program brings together stories of dogs from all around the world as part of Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation İstanbul Research Institute’s The Four-Legged Municipality: Street Dogs of İstanbul exhibition. Tales of Tails: Dogs on Screen explores how cinema reserves a heart-warming celebration of genres and captivating stories of man’s best friend: dogs. Now it is time to wander in these cinematic streets with Bombón, Hagen, Lucy, Truman, Tulip, Otto, Baxter, Lolabelle and many others! [Click here for more.]

Destination → Balkans

Pera Film is greeting 2017 with the program Destination: Balkans. Presented parallel to Pera Museum’s on-going exhibition Cold Front from the Balkans the program offers a different perspective into the region. The selection brings hope, peace, and humor from the roads of the land of war and love through the countries of Romania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, and Serbia. [Click here for more.]

Unusual Vampires

Pera Film is celebrating Halloween with the strangest undead beings: Unusual Vampires! Tales of supernatural beings consuming the blood or flesh of the living have been found in nearly every culture around the world for many centuries. Beware these unusual vampires, they could give you the chills! [Click here for more.]