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A Multi-source Checklist for Black Cinema (2000-2019)

104 films for beginners; by black filmmakers and/or about black communities.

As someone over-interested in films and film lists, I wanted to contribute to the awareness and education of the non-black audience. Yet as a non-black person, I feel it is wrong and problematic to recommend from the non-sufficient pool of black movies I have watched in the past. I sadly realized how many essential films from the black cinema I have not seen and decided to start with my own improvement. I searched for Black Cinema lists of various publications and in most cases, I did not consider the lists curated by exclusively non-black authors, critics, organizations, or communities.

Top 100 Turkish Movies of the 21st Century

My personal favorites, listed alphabetically by the title in Turkish.

Favorite LGBTQ+ Films: A Personal Top 50

A personal Top50 list of my favorite LGBTQ+ films from the 2000s and the 2010s, listed alphabetically by the original title.