In the Twilight of White Nights

Pera Film is inviting you to the longest days and white nights! The summer solstice is approaching and the number of minutes of daylight is rapidly increasing. The program In the Twilight of White Nightsa selection of Nordic summer films, gets its name from the lyrics by Nordic pop-star Oh Land. The sun almost never sets in these films. Bright summer nights bring unending summer parties, but at times insomnia and depression tag along. Long summer days can create new beginnings for people; families come together, teenagers fall in love and nature can take over!

Come join us and let’s experience the sun of Nordic cinema together!

Heartstone | Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson, 2016

A summer full of discoveries is ahead for Thór and Kristján, two best friends living in a small town, surrounded by the magnificent nature of Iceland. They find out about friendship as well as love and about the feelings they require. One of the boys is trying the conquer the heart of a girl in town, while the other is trying hard to hide his beyond-the-line desire for his best friend. They both face the challenges of controlling feelings, of self-discovery and even of breathing. Heartstone, a film where growing pains and white nights meet, won 8 awards including Best Picture in Iceland’s national film awards, Edda Awards in 2016.

Out of Nature | Ole Giæver & Marte Vold, 2014

Martin is on the verge of mid-life crisis and decides to go on a strange and funny journey. He just wants to be alone out in the nature, seeking peace and adventure. And maybe enjoy trekking all by himself, naked, in open air… He thinks this is a wonderful idea to feel being human, to be aware of his existence and to remember his fantasies. Out of Nature, starring, written and co-directed by Ole Giæver is a story of self-discovery in the middle of lively nature during chill summer days of the North.

White Night Wedding | Baltasar Kormákur, 2008

Jon invites you to his wedding! But that special night bringing people together, making them happy and entertained, the wedding night, is a bit more special in this film. It’s not the complaining relatives or drunk best friends and no, it’s not the age difference of the couple. Besides having them all, the gimmick of White Night Wedding is hidden in its title; it all happens on June 21st in Iceland, on that night when the sun never sets. Empowered by Nordic humor, the film is directed by the beloved Icelandic director Baltasar Kormákur.

A Summer Tale | Ulf Malmros, 2000

Yngve Johansson, a hard-tempered man accepts two children, Mårten and Annika to his home and under his care for the summer. It is 1958, the year Sweden almost won the World Cup in soccer over Brazil. Yngve is nothing but a dictator in the eyes of the kids at first. But when he falls for their school teacher, two kids do whatever they can to bring the two together. Being told through the eyes of a young boy, A Summer Tale is one of those heart-warming films that invites laughter as well as tears.

Insomnia | Erik Skjoldbjærg, 1997

Swedish police detective Jonas Engström finds himself under a bright sky and in the middle of a dark story. For a murder investigation, he arrives in a Norwegian town where the never setting sun leads hard, depressive nights and insomnia. He becomes exhausted, both psychologically and physically, makes a horrible mistake which is discovered by the killer he has been hunting. Insomnia, this popular thriller starring Stellan Skarsgård, was remade by the same title in Hollywood in 2002, by Christopher Nolan.

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